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"The music is quick to get to the point, yet never feels rushed...in that short time, IKWYAAYAN displays both a distinct sonic palette, and the wisdom to leave listeners wanting more." - Cereal + Sounds

a record focused on the juxtaposition between the cold, factual irrelevance of ourselves and the warm, big, human feelings

shoutout to james, victor, & marco for the voicemails.

- - -

what's put together

falls back apart


released July 2, 2015

everything by ikwyaayan



all rights reserved


i know who you are and you are nothing New Jersey

i'm a guy on a computer in new jersey. thanks for your ears.

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Track Name: anew
poison leaves
grown for nothing
inside me
turn to something

beaten horses
born anew
poison leaves
burn eternally

circling the drain
Track Name: bloom
to be fifteen
to be free
from the static that's been rattling the big screen

be complaining
about anything
when there are funny jokes and things happening to me

it's safe to assume
talking about dead flowers won't make them bloom
Track Name: get happy
inside of
my body
inside me
it's not me

get happy

it's rotting
inside you
it's not me
it's not you

get happy

and if you do
then i will too
Track Name: ugly too
will we be the only ones
eaten by the starving sun?
i will wait
i will wait for the meteor to come

evolution embracing me
leads me back to apathy
everyone looks just like you
everyone i know is ugly too
Track Name: still
there's an absence of forward momentum
there's a lack of kinetic energy
what's the commotion about forward motion
i will be where i can be

i think i'll be here still
Track Name: itty bitty
itty bitty man
says while spinning on a stone
"there's no place like home"

itty bitty man
suffer while you can
'cuz there's no other plan

itty bitty man
wishing on the morning star
who do you think you are?
Track Name: for now
everything can be, for now
anyone can see it out
everything can be, for now
everyone will see it out

temporary civilization

what's put together falls back apart