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just an audio collage of sorts of stuff i don't really know what to do with

not a "canon" album but ironically my longest release. enjoy


released August 2, 2015



all rights reserved


i know who you are and you are nothing New Jersey

i'm a guy on a computer in new jersey. thanks for your ears.

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Track Name: 1
" cemetery "

you were at the cemetery
you looked pretty scary
i know that yr barely breathing

if i went outside
i would see you there

i knew when i saw you standing there
Track Name: 2
" tangerines "

who will laugh like nicotine
when tired toes turn to tangerines

all the treasure chests are frozen shut
where's the key


" i be "

how can i be?
Track Name: 3
" dippity doo da "

don't believe what anybody says -

they told me, "there's magic
it's somewhere waiting for you"
they told me, "just grab it
it's just an inch or two away"

don't believe what anybody says

i climbed up the mountain
looking for anything there
i swam down in the lake
and there was nothing there at all

don't believe what anybody says

dippity doo da, dippity day
my, oh my, what a horrible way to be
inside a piece of time with nothing to give
and no reason to try, to try

forgive me, forget me
it makes no difference to me
when i'm gone what i've done
won't mean a thing to anyone

don't believe what anybody says

(i went to work today and i'm probably gonna go to work tomorrow too)
Track Name: 4
" always "

calling back to yesterday
barely breaking back
failure follows anyway
always aftermath

a touch, a voice, a fantasy
pay the piece to see
must choice always enter me
will it ever leave

Track Name: 5
" yr the man (demo) "

u know how to waste yr time
bleeding in a boring life
u don't know yr mind
u don't know yr mind

u know how to be alone
bleeding out all on yr own
yr the man u know
yr the man u know

yr the man, u know
Track Name: 6
" at all "

i have failed at everything
i have fucked up everything
i cannot be anything at all

i have never done anything worthwhile

i cannot do anything
i cannot be anything
i will not do anything
i will not be anything

at all
Track Name: 7
" in due time "

there is no use for this body of mine
there is no use for this mind
the winding road will swallow you whole
regardless of what you find

the leaves will fall off the trees without you
and the wind will break their branches without me
the only thing i've learned is that tides of time will turn
and feed you to the salty sea

i know that when i'm gone i'll be forgotten
my memory evading every thought
from what i have learned, all that i've confirmed
is that my body will become rot

in due time